This white wine uses 100% White Grenache grapes.

During the month of September the best vines are selected and when the grapes are at the optimum time of ripeness, the fruit is collected.

Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 16-18°C for about two weeks. After, the wine is further aged with lees in a stainless steel wine vat for three months.

Visual: Clean and bright pale yellow colour.

Olfactory: Elegant nose with good intensity, with notes of fennel and citrus fruits.

Taste: On the palate it is fresh, soft and creamy. The notes of citrus fruits come out again. The finish is balsamic, long and elegant with saline touches.

Pairing: Celler Arrufí Panical combines with seafood, pasta dishes, fish, paella and white meat.

Celler Arrufí
Each Celler Arrufí wine has received third-party certifications for our organic and vegan practices. We make our wines with the least possible manipulation, reflecting our way of being, our territory and the love we feel for biodiversity and Terra Alta.

Not only do we grow this way because we believe that taking care of the land is the right thing to do, but it turns out to be the best way to obtain authentic and differentiating wines. By treating our vineyards in the best possible way, we make wines that we are truly proud of.
For Celler Arrufí, regenerative viticulture is above all "Mediterranean" and ecological, a way of cultivating the vineyard, of working it. It is our land, everyone's land, and the more it is cared for, the better fruits we will get from it.

Always the balance, the basis of a regenerative viticulture.
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