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Ducassis Bio
Ducassis is the first beer of high fermentation with real blackcurrant berries. In 2017, she reinforces her position of 100% natural fruit beer by becoming an organic-certified and gluten-free beer!
Sarazen Blonde Bio
Our Sarazen organic beer will seduce you with is beautiful golden colour and its subtle sweetness due to the influence of the buckwheat. This beer is flavourful, it has fruity aromas.
Belgian craft beer refermented in bottle.
[33cl/75cl – Alc vol: 6.5% - T° tasting: 3-5°C]
Brewer’s Organic Yövesi
Alc 4,5% vol - 500 ml
Unfiltered Brewer’s Organic Yövesi Dark Lager is a nut-brown and velvety smooth beer which will charm your taste buds. The charismatic nature of this beer is shaped by the caramel-like and slightly roasted aromas, together with flavourful maltiness.
Brewer’s Organic Kaito Lager
Alc 4,5% vol - 500 ml
Brewer’s Organic Kaito Lager is a gluten free golden treat rich in colour and refreshing flavours. The light maltiness and subtle nuances of noble Saaz hops create a seductively fresh and pure combination.
Blanche de Boussu Bio
Brewed with respect for the tradition of Belgian white beers. A slightly tart and rather rounded flavour for a very thirst-quenching outcome! Belgian craft beer refermented in bottle.
[33cl – Alc vol: 4.8% - T° tasting: 3-5°C]
5.G 33cl
The first beer of the range is the 5.G, a slightly amber blond beer, with a 5.5% alcohol content and a fragrant nose thanks to the 5 ingredients Galanga, Ginger, Goji, Ginkgo and Guarana. The 5.G has notably won a medal at the European Beer Challenge in 2019 and a score of 18/20 by Eric Boschman (former best sommelier of Belgium).
Quintine Nature
Quintine was a 38-year-old witch living in Ellezelles, village where the beer is brewed. In October 1610, she was burnt alive. In her books of spells, which has been passed along from generation to generation, we found her "magic" recipes. Today, we share them with you.
BdeGust is our first and award-winning beer.
It is an organic lager, made with barley and extra hops, as we want the consumer to enjoy our own grown hops.
It is produced with toasted barley malt as well, so it has more flavours and body than common lagers. BdeGust is greatly appreciated among Michelin starred chefs as it offers a strong personality, whilst being a beer that is light and fresh and its bitterness cleans up very quickly, allowing to combine it with any kind of dish to be served as its bitterness does not remain for long once enjoyed.
BdeBeer is our Weissbier with wildflowers, handpicked from our forest.
All the ingredients used for BdeBeeer are certified organic (please note that in this case, the hops are in “organic conversion”. Hops will be considered 100% organic by the end of July 2021.).
BdeBeer gives visibility and support to our wild bee conservation project, which we carry out in our hops field, in collaboration with the European Association of Wild Bees.
It is a very light and fresh beer, in which the flowers add some fruity and spicy aromas (such as peach and curry) and the wheat creates the bread-y taste.  
We elaborate BdeBeer without gluten, so it is also suitable for celiacs.
MHAKA 33cl
The triple blonde, MHAKA, contains MACA and has an alcohol content of 7%. Maca gives the beer a subtle taste of roasted hazelnut and gives it a nice roundness. The Mhaka won a bronze medal in the "Belgian Triple" category at the prestigious World Beer Awards 2020 competition.