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Dear Aretha
In La Newyorkina, we think that food with "Soul" tastes better, and sometimes a marvellous artist is our inspiration for a new granola.
Our chocolate is a sourced from the “Alto el Sol” plantation
Furthermore, it helps to conserve the Rio Abiseo National Park in Peru and the tropical rainforest too.
Organic heritage pulses and cereals cooked in sea salted water, naturally
Organic and heirloom pulses from South-West of France cooked in sea salted water, naturally:
Organic sliced sourdough Oat Bread
Extraordinary bread formulated specially for people intolerant to gluten. Its uniqueness stems mainly from the long maturing liquid buckwheat sourdough and wholegrain oat flour from gluten free farming. Nutri score A. Available in 3 variants: basic, with dried tomatoes and with dried cranberries.
Bread in slices (weight of 200g per package) is packed in a barrier foil and pasteurised. Shelf life up to 4 months, depending on the sort of the laminate used in packaging process. Storage in an ambient temperature in a dry place. Collective packaging (4 pcs inside) made of cardboard.
Crescia sfogliata di urbino
The Crescia sfogliata, typical of the Montefeltro area, is composed of flour, eggs, water, lard, salt and pepper. All raw materials are organic and Italian origin.
The puff pastry obtained with the rolling pin is greased with lard pork. After, it is rolled on itself until it forms a spiral. It is left to rest for a whole night in the fridge and stretch in the shape of a disc.
Once cooked, it takes the characteristic puff pastry, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
It is typically eaten hot with cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables but it is also suitable for sweet tastes.
To cook your crescia fragrant and tasty, heat up in a non-stick pan, grill pan for 2 minutes per side or in oven for 5 minutes at 180°. Do not add oil or fat and do not heat up in microwave oven.
Allergens: The Crescia sfogliata contains gluten and eggs.  It may contain traces of soy, lupine. Does not contain added preservative.
Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Refrigerate at temperature from 0 to +4°C.
CARROT baking mix
Carrot, onion, sesame seed and papikra crackers baking premix designed for people who love intense flavoured ,smoked and crunchy crackers.
Organic, plant-based and lactose free.
Teff Flour
Teff is an ancient grain considered to be a superfood because of its multiple health benefits. Although it is still unknown to most people, Teff’s origin is believed to have taken place more than 5000 years ago in Ethiopia, where it is nowadays a staple food. Among its wonderful properties, the absence of gluten in its natural form and the high content of healthy minerals, fiber and essential amino acids can be highlighted.
TAKE & BAKE: organic par-baked sourdough breads for home baking
Par-baked sourdough baguettes, breads and rolls for Home Baking, packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Fresh bread within a few minutes in the oven or the toaster.
Organic roasted buckwehat groats 500g
Our bio buckwheat is a unique product, characterized by a short cooking time (only 8 minutes). This effect was obtained by subjecting the buckwheat to a special steam roasting process under high pressure. This process gives the groats a beautiful brown-brown color and a distinct and unique taste and aroma. Their unique taste qualities are owed to all of them thanks to the quality of organic buckwheat. In addition, this groat is a source of valuable dietary fiber and magnesium.
Organic Nordic Tempeh - Fava Beans + Sea Lettuce
This is Nordic Tempeh made from organic Danish fava beans and local seaweed (Sea lettuce) harvested in the wild.
Granola & Porridge
300g - chocolate caramel or blueberry cherry granolas - red berries porridge