World Class Manufacturing Virtual Training


The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation launched the 48th edition of its “World Class Manufacturing” Training (WCM) and is currently calling for applications. .
This 5-day online course will offer a unique opportunity for 25 top entrepreneurs from European industry to observe, see and understand the latest Japanese approaches to operational excellence.
Participants will be invited to join the Centre’s platform sessions in the morning and early in the afternoon for a follow-up and Q&A session. The afternoon discussion will be led by Prof. Richard Keegan who will highly encourage participants to adapt and use world-class approaches to secure their future business plan.
The next WCM training will take place in November (15-19) and focus on the strategic approaches used by Japanese companies to safeguard and enhance their competitiveness. Participants in November’s course must therefore have a senior strategic role in their company or an advanced knowledge and practice of methods of excellence. This course is free of charge and open to applications from manufacturing companies, logistics and other service companies (excluding consultancies).

“WCM was a great way for me to get a better insight into the power of Lean. My main take away from the training is that Lean thinking is a Philosophy, a way of life for organisations. This means the role of the CI manager is to facilitate the change in the mindset of the organisation, through the effective and efficient deployment of relevant lean tools to meet specific organisation’s needs.
It was also a good forum to hear from others about their experiences in deploying lean in their organisations. I personally learned and enjoyed the sessions with the various senseis. The organisation by the Centre was really good. I would like to thank everyone at the EU-Japan Centre that made this possible.” Ade Oyedeji, Continuous Improvement Manager, Lyreco, UK. Participated to World Class Manufacturing training - March 2021- 2nd Online edition