Call for experts - industrial sectors in Japan and cross-cultural matters (Market Access workshops)

The EU-Japan Centre is currently calling for experts who are specialised in specific industrial sectors and Japanese business culture. 

The selected expert would be requested to give a presentation during a "Market Access workshop" detailing information on how to access the Japanese market for EU companies in a particular sector of interest and/or provide insights into the Japanese business culture.

The sectors of interest:

  • Food
  • Textile
  • Biotech/Medical devices
  • ICT/IoT/digitalisation
  • Cleantech/circular economy
  • Cosmetics
  • multiple aspects of the Japanese business culture

Market Access workshops:
Option 1. Topic 1: Overview of the Japanese Market, Import Processes and Procedures, Marketing, Distribution and Sales in Japan

(40-minute presentation online + 10-minute Q&A session)
(2h interactive presentation in person + Q&A session)

Topic 2: Understanding the Japanese culture and learning its business practices
(30-minute presentation + 10-minute Q&A session)
(2h interactive presentation in person + Q&A session)

Total time=1,5h online
Total time= 4,5h offline

Only Japanese Business culture:

Option 2. Topic 1: Understanding the Japanese culture and learning its business practices, virtual communication and discovering the latest trends
(40-minute presentation online + 10minute Q&A session)
(3h interactive presentation in person + Q&A session)

Total time=50min online
Total time=3,5h offline

The agenda of the workshop could vary (depending on the requests of partners in collaboration and whether the workshop is held online or in person), yet initially the expert would be asked to cover topics related to accessing the Japanese market, including modes of export to Japan, import processes and procedures, marketing, distribution and sales in Japan, distribution system and outlets in Japan, trade shows, business matching, meeting Japanese partners and Japanese business protocol as well as recent trends and virtual communication practices. The workshop would take from 1-2 hours online and 3-4 hours at the premises of and in cooperation with local Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) partners or other EU entities.


All costs regarding the expert's presentation fee as well as a possible travel (accommodation, flights) would be covered by the Centre. 
The expert would be informed about the possible workshop at least one month in advance to ensure enough time for preparation and logistical arrangements. The EU-Japan expects to co-organise approx. 10 workshops in 2022.


Selection criteria will include the background of the expert, the quality of the content and the expert's fee. More technical specifications will be sent to successful applicants.

Your CV and a short proposal should be sent by email to Eivilte Kandrataviciute at the latest on Tuesday, 15 February 2022.  


We look forward to hearing from you!


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