EU-Japan biotech & pharma partnering conference, Osaka 2022

26-30 September 2022 (Virtual), 11 October 2022, Osaka, Japan (Physical)

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and Osaka Bio Headquarters (Osaka Prefectural Government) have been since 2016 co-organising the EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference in Osaka, which is a one-to-one business matching event.

After 2 years of online sessions, the 6th physical event will be held on 11 October 2022, the day before the BioJapan fair. The event will be supported by various domestic and international clusters and other EU Member States’ business support organisations.

In addition to the physical event, an online session will be organised from 26 to 30 September 2022. This session will provide opportunities for companies unable to travel to Japan, and it will also be a chance to have meetings prior to the physical event for companies attending both events.

The “EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference, Osaka 2022” will be focusing on the following fields:
• Drug discovery fields (drug discovery, drug discovery support)
• Regenerative medicine
• Therapeutic agents, diagnostic agents
• AI and IoT technologies related to the above
Participation to both virtual and physical sessions is free of charge, and open to all organisations from Japan and the EU, relevant to the above fields.
Companies interested in the October physical event can contact the Centre for details about the venue and agenda.
Registration for both sessions is done through the same partnering platform, and profiles will be subject to review before approval.

Results of last year (virtual event only):
• 392 one-to-one meetings
• 216 companies/organisations participating
• Japan: 64 / EU: 152
This event is a gateway to enter the Japanese market, wherein companies can take advantage of the support offered by the co-organising partner organisations.
For inquiries about the event, email us.
Link to the partnering platform (registrations start June 20).


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