BASF Digital Farming to launch AI-based digital crop optimisation platform with Zen-noh in Japan

In the agricultural industry in Japan, the merger of farmland has been ongoing, while each field remains small and dispersed. Therefore, a farmer needs to manage several fields dispersed in a larger area, which is one of the factors that impact the efficiency of agricultural production.
BASF Digital Farming GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF, has agreed with Zen-noh to start a new collaboration for xarvio® FIELD MANAGER, an AI-based digital crop optimisation platform, to be launched in Japan in April 2021. xarvio FIELD MANAGER offers field- and field-zone-specific real-time information and recommendations, which will support farmers to make better-informed field management decisions. Farmers will see a simulation of growth stages of crops and risk of diseases and weeds that are derived from robust data backbones such as weather data and satellite data and get notifications about "recommended tasks". The AI-based digital platform will be available on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
"With the collaboration of BASF Digital Farming and Zen-noh the xarvio FIELD MANAGER will help farmers determine what kind of work and when is needed for each field across the farm, enabling farmers to plan and work more efficiently," said Andree-Georg Girg, Managing Director and Head of Global Commercialization at BASF Digital Farming.

Published: October 2020