Call for Innovation by Digital Garage: Open Network Lab Open Innovation

Great news for EU startups aiming to collaborate with Japanese companies and enter the Japanese market. Digital Garage, Inc. is pleased to host an open innovation program, "Open Network Lab Open Innovation 1st Batch", to support startups worldwide with leading Japanese developers and other major companies in various fields.  
Open Network Lab Open Innovation was created by a Japanese Incubator, Digital Garage, Inc., intending to create new value through co-creation with existing industries, utilizing the experience and knowledge that Digital Garage's Open Network Lab engaged in the social implementation of startup technologies.

The themes are "Smart City", "Healthcare", "FinTech", "ESG", and "Metaverse".
Deadline: 2023/3/31, Noon (JST) 

Check the detail of the program on this link.

Published: April 2023