CCILJ´S 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Over the last 50 years, the Portuguese Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILJ), over the past 50 years, has played a leading role in linking Portuguese companies to Japan and vice versa. When the Chamber felt that a strategic look was needed for the next 50 years, maintaining the values and their mission, they decided to update their value proposition at various levels.
The CCILJ thus launched a new corporate image and a new website, the basis of what is expected to be a new stage at CCILJ, with a new dynamic but with the energy and values that are already their characteristic. In this way the CCILJ hopes to be more relevant in its mission and in supporting its associates.
After 50 years of service to relations between Portugal and Japan, the CCILJ remains focused on its mission and always ready to support its members!
In honour of the 50th anniversary on the date of this extraordinary feat, a YouTube channel was created.