Collaboration in Food Innovation between Japan and the Netherlands

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Edith Bosch, former Olympic Judoka and entrepreneur, talks to Jeroen Wouters in a podcast by TeamNL Tokyo Expo.
The Expo connects sport and business. Jeroen, as a lead of Global Connections shares how Foodvalley contributes to creating international business opportunities within the field of innovation and what initiatives there are for SMEs. The specific focus is on Japan also highlighting the Symposium ‘Personalised nutrition as a driver of sports success”. This event supported the collaboration between Japan and the Netherlands on these highly relevant and rapidly developing topics. In addition, new initiatives on Japanese and European collaboration are presented including the recently launched pan-European project - Global FOODture which seeks to support SMEs in innovation and collaboration in order to boost sustainable transition of the food system.

TeamNL Tokyo

The TeamNL Tokyo Expo is created as a business platform where Olympic Training Center Papendal, NOC*NSF, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer (online) events tailored to stimulate international business. The Expo connects sport and business and in line with the Olympic spirit - sport is at the service of social development.

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