Empowering housewives abroad wanting to work

GJPWN webinar on Empowering housewives abroad wanting to work
23 June 2022, online 10:00-11:00 CET

There are many women, including Japanese women, who stopped working in order to accompany their spouses following their employment abroad. Since then, some of them stay home, raise their children, and have not been able to use the great resources outside of the home, despite their experiences and qualifications.

The reasons are varied but common reasons are:

  • I have a rough idea, but I am not sure if I can do it and how exactly
  • I do not feel confident enough, because I am not very good at German (or another local language) 
  • I have some spare time and would like to do something, but I don't know what to do

Some of those who think they have no ideas may be underestimating their skills and talents. Sometimes, talking with other people can help with new ideas, which you might not be able to develop on your own. Having these in mind, the next online event called "Housewife Seminar" is being organized by the German Japanese Women’s Network (GJPWN). It will definitely help gather and exchange thoughts in order to gain more confidence. The event is open to women who stopped working for personal reasons and wish to work again, but hesitating to do so, regardless of nationality or location.


Published: April 2023