ESET's and Canon's successful partnership

Slovak-based cybersecurity company ESET has established a strong business base in Japan with a local partner for over 15 years. Together, the two companies have achieved high customer satisfaction from both business customers and consumer. In recent months, ESET conducted various initiatives to recognise the importance of science and technology as well as to contribute to the society at large.

Local partnership is the key to ESET's solid business base in Japan.

In 2003, ESET, a Slovak-based cybersecurity company, expanded their business into Japan by partnering with Canon, which had a strong local market presence. Today, ESET Japan has grown into one of the largest cybersecurity software vendors in the country protecting over 391,000 companies since 2003, and is highly regarded amongst businesses and consumers.
Canon has recently won the first place in Nikkei Computer magazine's customer satisfaction survey for the eight consecutive years by providing comprehensive cybersecurity protection to organisations of all sizes using security solutions from ESET. The survey was conducted by Nikkei Business Publications, one of the country's largest publishing houses. In the consumer segment, ESET has earlier this year ranked No.1 in NTT Com's NPS® Benchmark survey which measured customer satisfaction and loyalty, for three years running.
The partnership between the EU company and the Japanese company proofs a true friendship goes both ways. What have made it so successful are Canon's knowledge and understanding of the Japanese market, its ability to provide comprehensive services including after-sales support to meet local demands, coupled with ESET's over 30 years of experience in developing cybersecurity solutions.

Source: Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Japan

Published: November 2020