An Estonian SME joins the BRT


Estonian e-governance and cybersecurity SME joins the EU-side of the EU-Japan BRT

The EU-Japan Business Round Table (or “BRT”) brings together business leaders from the EU and Japan to foster communication, discuss issues of common concern, submit recommendations to the EU and Japanese Authorities to help develop trade, investment, industrial cooperation, and other EU-Japan ties.

Philippe Wahl, the BRT’s EU-side Chairman (and Chairman and CEO of Le Groupe La Poste) is delighted to welcome Oliver Väärtnõu from Cybernetica to the BRT’s EU-side to feed into the BRT’s work on digital transformation issues and strengthening the representation of SMEs in the BRT.

Cybernetica is a knowledge-based IT company that has operated in the markets for the last 25 years. The company is known for the development of fundamentally new technologies and their deployment in complex environments, like in Estonia where it has developed the fundamental building blocks for the local e-governance ecosystem.  Today, the core technology offering is centred around digital identity, secure data exchange, privacy preserving technologies and cybersecurity assessment. Cybernetica’s technologies are used in more than 35 countries around the world from Ukraine, Benin, Aruba to Greenland, USA and, of course, Japan. Cybernetica has long-term and well-established productive business relationships in Japan, for example, with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Nicigas and Fujisoft. Cybernetica will be joining the BRT’s Digital Innovation & Mobility Working Party.

Oliver Väärtnõu

Oliver Väärtnõu has been the CEO at Cybernetica since 2014, having previously held the position of Strategy Director at the Government Office of Estonia. According to Mr Väärtnõu, Cybernetica is honoured and excited to be joining the initiative. “While we have good working relationships with our partners in Japan, it is a great opportunity to broaden the dialogue further with Japanese counterparts. We’ll be bringing our large-scale digital transformation experience to the roundtable for other BRT members in the EU and Japan to discuss these technologies, but also learn how these technologies could be transformed to the Japanese context. We’re looking forward to participating in any discussions where this experience can be beneficial,” said Väärtnõu.

Published: March 2022