EU-Japan EPA & Rules of Origin - Podcasts series

The EU-Japan Centre released a series of podcasts to help companies understand a complex aspect of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, and on a wider scale of any free trade agreement.
The Agreement allows products made in the EU to benefit from preferential tariffs.
But how do you assess if a product is of EU origin or from another non-EU country? What are the most important “Rules of Origins” common to many free trade agreements, and how do they work?

This series of 6 podcasts will explain such rules and provide practical examples to define the origin of your products.

Episode 1: General Tolerance Rule
Episode 2: Specific tolerance rules for textiles 
Episode 3: Complex working rules, containing specific tolerances
Episode 4: Long-term suppliers’ declarations and the origin statement
Episode 5: Value rules, based on ex-works or FOB selling price
Episode 6: Cumulation possibilities (bilateral and full)