EU-Japanese start-up is revolutionizing the way people improve their English

What happens when you put together a British English teacher in Japan, two Japanese academics and two Japanese-German brothers with backgrounds in Business Administration and Information Systems? You get an innovative English-learning app, developed to help intermediate to advanced English learners improve their vocabulary, especially students who want to sound more eloquent in their academic papers and presentations.
A learner’s passive vocabulary is far greater than their active vocabulary. Eloquence is an app designed to help foster the active vocabulary, with a carefully constructed learning-theory mix and an adaptive algorithm. It integrates interactive exercises, using pictures, videos by English teachers, and plenty more to make learning both efficient and enjoyable.
The originality and effectivity of the app has caught the attention of schools and universities worldwide. A cooperation is in the works between the company and two EU-based universities: the University of Münster (Germany) and Saxion University (the Netherlands). Moreover, a professor from the Graduate School of Language and Culture at Osaka University has expressed interest in utilizing the app as a part of the curriculum in English lectures.
The team, members located in Germany, Japan and the UK has been supported by the German state of NRW and the Enterprise Europe Network. The start-up is welcoming new connections and cooperation with schools and universities globally, including Japan where learning English is important but also complicated due to both languages being completely different. The Japanese team members especially help the start-up to tailor their learning app to users in Japan. It is also beneficial for Japanese students to attain a good grasp of the English language as many wish to travel abroad and/or work in companies requiring them to use in English. The app Eloquence offers an opportunity to institutions that are keen in helping students boost their language abilities.