Fermentation Japanese experts in a French online event hold by Vitagora

Healthy, with a long shelf life, authentic and traditional, or even exotic... Fermented foods are one of the hottest trends in the food markets, and the forecast for the fermented food market shows growth potential. On 30 April 2021, Vitagora has devoted a full program of its “Appetite For Innovation” event to fermentation, in a 100% online edition due to the sanitary context.
For this occasion, researchers from all over the world, came and presented their research programs and innovations online. As fermentation research is very strong in Japan, several Japanese experts were invited: Dr SAIGUSA Noriaki from Sojo University in Japan, presented the following subject: "Effect of koji mold on sweetness and umami under various culture parameter".
Dr. KIMOTO Hiromi, from NARO (the Japanese national agricultural and food research organisation) spoke on the subject of the "Role of fermented milk made by a new lactic acid bacterium". Finally, Dr. KAWAI Takayuki, also from NARO, spoke about "Salt Reducing Methods of Fermented Pickles for Japanese Foods".
Over a hundred participants listened to these quality presentations, which had been recorded in advance to get around the problem of the difference in time slots between speakers (in Japan) and participants (mostly in France and Europe).