Global Foodture project targets Japan

Global Foodture

The green and sustainable transition of the global food system is a hot topic. Therefore, seven European clusters have joined forces and created the EU project Global Foodture with a focus on four Asian countries – Japan being one of the four. 

The scope of Global Foodture is to bring together companies and other stakeholders from Europe with their counterparts from Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand, with the aim of fostering and facilitating collaboration and innovation. The goal is to help strengthen the participants’ capabilities to adapt to food sustainability challenges and thus be a part of the solutions to the global sustainable transition of food systems.

The below themes for the project activities have been carefully selected through analysis and market research:

  • Agriculture - cultivation & support solutions
  • Alternative proteins
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Solutions to reduce food waste
  • Health products, functional and personalised food

The project’s online activities are designed to showcase European and Asian products and technologies to a digital audience, creating an environment suitable for an exchange of information and stimulation of innovative cooperation between European and Asian SMEs. The activities are:

  • Monthly online thematic workshops 
  • International training with focus on the four Asian countries
  • Year-round possibility to have online matchmaking meetings 
  • Dedicated online matchmaking sessions, with a special Japan B2B event scheduled on the 27 September 2023

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is one of the co-organisers in Global Foodture providing support in the promotion of the project toward Japanese entities. Interested Japanese companies are more than welcome to join and benefit from Global Foodture’s opportunities: 

  • Build sustainable relations and collaboration with partners in Europe 
  • Find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions
  • Identify opportunities for their solutions that can contribute to a more sustainable food system

For further information, companies are welcome to contact Susanne Baden Jørgensen, Senior International Manager, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark at sbj(at)
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