ICCJ's Digital Strategy Boosts Italian SME in Japan

Picture from left to right: Marco Pizzetti - Fabe representative, Pierluigi Fabemoli - Fabe CEO, Yuki Ishikawa -Professional volleyball player, Davide Fantoni - ICCJ General Secretary

In recent years, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ICCJ) has broadened its range of services to support Italian SMEs seeking to start or expand their operations in Japan. This expansion has been driven by a significant focus on digital initiatives. One of the early companies asking for ICCJ’s support in its digital expansion was the Italian pillow manufacturer Fabe, which has been present in the Japanese market since the 90s. In early 2018, when Fabe first contacted ICCJ to enhance its digital presence in Japan, the challenges were many: only one type of pillow was available in the market, the product was exclusively sold through the importer’s paper catalogue, and its image was primarily associated with an elderly audience. The first steps taken by ICCJ were the creation of a website and the launch of a series of advertising campaigns on Google. This provided the brand with additional digital channels for the promotion and the sales of its product.

To rejuvenate both the audience and the product's image, ICCJ has been assisting Fabe since 2022 in the creation of its own Instagram, Facebook, and LINE pages. With a weekly schedule of original digital content crafted by sleep experts, the brand could effectively reach diverse demographics. This effort was further reinforced in the summer of 2023 with the signing of Japanese volleyball star Yuki Ishikawa as the brand ambassador of Fabe. The athlete's popularity has had a profound impact on the product's image, now associated with a dynamic and healthy lifestyle. The positive outcomes of this collaboration prompted the decision by the importer to expand the product line available for sale in Japan, introducing six new pillows to the market starting in autumn 2023. The successful results of this partnership will serve as a strong incentive for ICCJ to further expand its digital services for Italian SMEs.

Source: Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan


Published: October 2023