A Japan-Spain intercultural guide released

The Japan-Spain Intercultural Guide published by the SHACHO KAI Association of Japanese companies culminates a trilogy of publications that reflect extensively on Japanese management, starting with the publication in 2014 of the White Paper on Japanese Companies in Spain, and continuing in 2018 with the work "Why Japanese Companies Succeed". The Guide brings together the contributions of several authors and integrates the dual Japanese and Spanish vision of the main cultural factors with an impact on management: Geography, History, Art, Language and Thought and Spirituality. In addition, in the process of preparing the Guide, two in-depth interviews were conducted with first-person protagonists of interculturality. In short, it is a guide aimed at Spaniards who want to promote their professional relations with the Japanese and at the Japanese who want to better understand the mentality and professional idiosyncrasy of Spaniards. The Guide is available in Spanish and Japanese for free.

Source: SHACHO KAI Association of Japanese companies

Published: October 2023