Japanese Industry and Policy News September-October 2020 issue

The EU-Japan Centre regularly publishes "Industry and Policy News" from various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including newly released policy documents, surveys, and official statements, in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation and is pleased to announce its latest issue.

Topics covered in this issue:


  • Japan to drop "Hanko" seals requirement in 99% of administrative procedures
  • Image design registered for the first time
  • Prime Minister Mr. Suga declares "substantially zero greenhouse gases by 2050"
  • New establishment and revision of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)


  • GDP July-September annual rate increase of 21.4%
  • Nikkei Trendy and Nikkei X Trend announce 2020 hit products

COMPANY & Organization NEWS

  • Toshiba Group started world's first large-scale CO2 separation and recovery demonstration at a biomass power plant
  • Japan Research Institute establishes consortium for research on recycling model of EV in-vehicle battery
  • Succeeded in visualizing cesium in the body
  • Kao Corporation support program for small palm plantations in Indonesia
  • AOKI releases shirts using Toray's "PET bottle recycled fiber"
  • Kubota and NVIDIA develop fully autonomous agricultural machine equipped with edge AI
  • NEDO et al. start demonstration operation of hybrid storage battery system at wind farm in Europe
  • Suzuki develops the world's first outboard motor micro plastic collecting device
  • Itochu makes full-scale entry into the bio-plastic business of renewable resources in collaboration with European resin manufacturers
  • Full-scale provision of the world's first EV-only navigation app
  • Iberdrola develops large-scale offshore wind farm in Japan
  • UNIQLO launches customer participation type "RE.UNIQLO" to release 100% playback down

Published: November 2020