Launch of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Kyushu University, Second Stage

Kyushu University first strengthened its expertise on EU matters while acting as the consortium leader of the EU Institute in Japan, Kyushu (EUIJ-Kyushu), which was funded by the European Commission. The university actively promoted EU-related education and research during this time. In recognition of the achievements of EUIJ-Kyushu, Kyushu University was then selected as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Japan in 2016 (the project name was "Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu (JMCoE-Q)") and developed a strategic three-year plan, which ended in 2019. Now we are pleased to announce that a new project, the "Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu, Second Stage (JMCoE-Q2)", starting on 17 November 2020 and continuing to 16 November 2023, will allow us to again carry out a wide range of activities in education, research, outreach, and academic exchange, and to contribute to the globalisation efforts of Kyushu University through the further deepening and development of EU research and education.

*photo: Japan-EU Daruma dolls (Daruma dolls are a beloved talisman in Japan. In celebration of the start of our new project, these specially hand-painted Daruma dolls bear the Japan and EU flags along with a message wishing for our mutual success and further development over the next three years.)

Published: December 2020