M-Sec EU and Japanese citizens and stakeholders’ consultation

Take their online survey and help them to better understand the IoT ecosystem.
M-Sec is a Research and Innovation EU-Japan collaborative project. Its main goal is to develop an innovative solution that ensures a more secure (and less vulnerable) data transfer between stakeholders (such as citizens, researchers, companies, local municipalities) when using IoT devices and applications in hyper-connected smart cities.
In the scope of this research, the project is now conducting an online survey to all EU and Japanese citizens and stakeholders, considered as potential users of the M-Sec solution, to collect feedback on their IoT devices and applications experience and on their knowledge of EU and Japan's data protection regulations.
Filling in this survey will not take more than 1 minute. Help the project managers to further understand the IoT ecosystem in which M-Sec is expected to operate.
The survey tries to further understand citizens and stakeholders IoT experience in terms of the IoT devices that people, and companies commonly use daily or are considering start using in a near future. Moreover, as individuals, we currently use more than one IoT device. Therefore, the M-Sec project would also like to better understand if individuals have any concerns, and what those might be, regarding the security and privacy of their personal information when using those devices. Finally, this online consultation also tries to better understand individuals’ awareness of the current data protection policies that exist in their EU or Japanese region.
When filling in the survey, citizens and stakeholders can provide their email address if they want to receive more information about the M-Sec project. If this is not the case, the survey is completely anonymous and the results from the data collected will be presented by the project in an aggregated way, thus complying with GDPR and APPI rules.

Published: March 2021