“MINERVA” EU-Japan Market & Policy intelligence

Minerva is an in-house research scheme in Japan, which lasts 6 months and targets EU and Japanese academics, trade / economic analysts and civil servants. The participants are expected to produce a policy report on topics that are relevant for the EU-Japan Centre, as well as to support the analytical activities of the Centre.
A research on local and regional decarbonisation initiatives in Japan is now available online
A research on digital transformation of Japanese firms and the opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan has just been completed and is now available online.

Testimonial by a Minerva fellow
"The Minerva fellowship gave me the opportunity to conduct research on the trending topic of digital transformation in Japan. Through the program, I had the chance to connect with various stakeholders from industries, as well as with the European trade network to discuss domestic market trends. The establishment of the Digital Agency by the Japanese government and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the transition of the public and the private sectors, opening a window of opportunities for European companies offering solutions in the digital domain." Lena Broeckaert – Minerva researcher - 2021-2022


More info: contact the Minerva team or visit our website.

Published: March 2022