Overview of Open Innovation Programme "MOIRe"

Mochida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.implemented “MOIRe”, an open innovation programme for drug discovery based on proposals from academic researchers since 2019. The company welcomes applications from researchers with a great interest in connecting drug discovery seeds to pharmaceutical development.
Applicants would be researchers and research representatives affiliated with public research institutions, universities, university-originated venture companies, etc…
The company has three main interest research disease areas: women’s health, for instance, endometriosis, uterine fibroid, pre-eclampsia, or other diseases with a high unmet medical need in obstetrics and gynaecology; and digestive diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, NSAIDs-induced bowel injury or other digestive diseases with a high unmet medical need. Moreover, the third area is researching intractable & rare diseases.
Application period: 1 June 2021, to 31 July 2021
Research period: One year in principle
Research expenses: Maximum US$ 50,000 / project
The amount is decided for each project after consultation.
Application form and more detail information available online.