PM Kishida receives the BRT’s Recommendations

Handover of the BRT's Recommendations to PM Kishida

On 9 February in Tokyo the EU-Japan Business Round Table’s Joint Recommendations were presented to PM Kishida by the BRT co-chairs, Masaki Sakuyama (Senior Advisor, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) and Philippe Wahl (Chairman & CEO, Le Groupe La Poste) who was represented by Michael Mroczek (Chair, European Business Council in Japan).
Adopted at the 2021 BRT annual meeting, the Recommendations noted the key aspects of digital transition, decarbonisation and trade and regulatory cooperation can make towards achieving a more digital and greener future. They underlined the importance of the free movement of businesspeople.
During the handover, at which Patricia Flor, EU Ambassador to Japan, and representatives from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs were present:
Mr. Sakuyama gave an overview of the main discussion points from the 2021 annual meeting and hoped that the Japanese and EU Authorities would continue to promote cooperation in a wide range of fields, working with the business community to advance policies.
Mr. Mroczek stated his confidence that EU-Japan cooperation will lead to a more digital and greener future and noted that impediments to the free movement of businesspeople can impact on investments.
PM Kishida appreciated the BRT’s strenuous support for the EPA and stated that the EU’s ‘Next Generation EU’ and his government’s ‘New Capitalism’ are seeking new models of capitalism and in line with each other. He stated his willingness to continue working closely with industry to further strengthen Japan-EU relations.
The BRT’s co-Chairs had previously submitted the Recommendations to EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton who received them on behalf of the European Commission.

On picture 1:
From left to right: Michael Mroczek representing BRT co-Chair Philippe Wahl observes BRT co-Chair Masaki Sakuyama submit the BRT’s 2021 Recommendations to Prime Minister Kishida.


BRT Handover Recommendations

On picture 2: From left to right: Ambassador Flor; Michael Mroczek representing BRT co-Chair Philippe Wahl; BRT co-Chair Masaki Sakuyama and Prime Minister Kishida.

Published: March 2022