Vulcanus in Japan for Host Companies

Recruitment of host companies in Japan for the “Vulcanus in Japan” programme 2022-2023

“Vulcanus in Japan” is a 1-year industrial internship programme for European engineers and science-major students, managed by the EU-Japan Centre. Every year, about 20 skilled and highly motivated Vulcanus participants are selected to undertake industrial internships in Japan for 8 months, following an intensive 4 months of Japanese language courses and seminars. Typical internship projects include Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, ICT, Data science, GNSS, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Space, etc.
40% of the participants of 2021 programme have been offered job opportunities after the programme completion. The 2022-2023 Vulcanus programme will start from September 2022 with an intensive Japanese language class, and industrial internship from January to August 2023.

Companies based in Japan interested in hosting Vulcanus interns may contact the Vulcanus in Japan team at the EU-Japan Centre in Tokyo. Application deadline: 17 December 2021. Additional programme details and application forms for host companies can be found here.

ヴルカヌス・イン・ジャパン2022-2023プログラム - 受入れ企業様募集のお知らせ

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