Specified Skilled Worker and Internship programs in Japan with J’imagine Japan Corporation

J’imagine Japan Corporation (JJC) is a Japanese organization founded in 2015 with the goal of welcoming and assisting young students from France and French Overseas Departments in particular, but not exclusively, who wish to do a professional training period in a Japanese company. Japan is a country with habits and customs that are foreign to them, a different culture, a new language, and a practically new civilisation, all of which necessitate significant adaptation efforts.

JJC offers ambitious perspectives to young students. More than a simple internship, it is a real professional training allowing the learning of new social practices, as well as the discovery of a new culture for personal development.
JJC contributes to the finalization of the project idea, its preparation (translation of documents, search for companies, signing of agreements), its implementation (follow-up and evaluation of the internship), and its supervision (assistance, Japanese courses, accommodation...).

Japan established a new status of residence, "Specified Skilled Worker (SSW)" in 2019, to welcome capable specialists from other countries to work in certain Japanese industrial fields, and ready to take on jobs without prior training. There are fourteen fields for SSW: Nursing Care; Building Cleaning Management; Machine Parts and Tooling Industries; Industrial Machinery Industry; Electric, Electronics and Information Industries; Construction Industry; Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry; Automobile Repair and Maintenance; Aviation Industry; Accommodation Industry; Agriculture; Fishery and Aquaculture Industries; Manufacture of Food and Beverages; Food Service Industry.

JJC was registered as a support organization approved by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2020.
A registered support organization is one that assists SSW in their professional, daily, and social lives. This is to protect foreign nationals' human rights and to ensure a high standard of living in Japan.

Published: April 2023