Statement issued by the co-Chairs of the EU-Japan Business Round Table

On 19 May, the co-Chairs of the EU-Japan Business Round Table issued a statement reacting to the outcome of the EU-Japan Summit of 12 May 2022.
In their “Joint Statement”, Masaki Sakuyama (Senior Corporate Advisor, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) and Philippe Wahl (Chairman and CEO, Le Groupe La Poste) explained that they were “unreservedly buoyed by the results and prospects that have been borne by the successful – and in-person – EU-Japan Summit 2022 in Tokyo”. The BRT recognises that the Summit has achieved milestones and confirmed progress in growing and fostering digital and green economies.
The BRT co-Chairs applauded “the public authorities of Japan and the EU for their unceasing efforts in making the most of the EPA that our respective business communities are encouraged to leverage”. They strongly welcomed the Summit’s launch of the Japan-EU Digital Partnership and believe it would enable “Japan and the EU to lead the rule-making in digital industry, as well as enabling our SMEs to realise growth through digital transformation (DX)”.
Messrs Sakuyama and Wahl appreciated the fact that the EU-Japan Summit recognised the importance of promoting of cooperation between the EU and Japanese business communities through the BRT and with the support of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.
The outcome of the 2022 EU-Japan Summit will also be addressed during the BRT annual meeting taking place in Tokyo on 15 November.

Published: June 2022