Strategic Meeting at Málaga TechPark

During the month of May 2022, the Ambassador of Japan, along with some embassy members, visited Málaga TechPark in Spain, to strengthen the relations of Japan with Málaga city from the scientific, business, technological, and cultural point of view. Indeed, the objective of Málaga TechPark is to strengthen the relations with Japan on the basis of a triple helix collaboration with companies, education entities, and institutional organisms, focusing on mutual feeding. For these reasons, the park representatives invite strategic partners to contact them to develop a common strategy of growth.
In this way, Málaga TechPark has made known to the Ambassador the ecosystem of the park, seeking as its objective the installation and participation of companies of Japanese origin in the technopolis. 
Among others, the Ambassador was able to get to know first-hand the initiative of INNOVA IRV - Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation. The Ricardo Valle Innovation Institute Foundation (INNOVA IRV) is a private non-profit organization, with the general aim of promoting development and innovation as tools for the improvement of society and the benefit of the community in general, as well as companies, institutions, and organizations in particular.
In addition, Ambassador Hiramatsu has met during a teleconference the president of the park, who is also a councillor of the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities.
Also present were representatives of Japanese companies established in the park, such as TDK Electronics and Fujitsu, and outside of the park, such as Canon Spain and Mitsubishi.

Published: April 2023