Success story - Sharing the Common Beer Philosophy

Beer Mania, a bottled beer shop located in the heart of the EU, Brussels, Belgium, is one of the first beer shops globally. Since 1981, it serves many different types of Belgian beers to enthusiasts not only domestically but also all over the world.  
In 2019, the owner of Beer Mania was looking for opportunities to expand his business to Japan and visited the EU-Japan Centre's office in Brussels to find helpful information.
Simultaneously, HIGHBURY, a Japanese beer importer & restaurant, acknowledged to the EU-Japan Centre that they were planning a visit to Belgium and looking for a beer consolidator to purchase various Belgian beers to Japan.  
In early 2020, the EU-Japan Centre introduced the two companies to one another. After a few fruitful discussions, they reached a partnership agreement for exporting Belgian beers to Japan.  
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the actual shipping of beers had to be put on hold until April 2021. Yet to ensure a smooth transit and live up to expectations of HIGHBURY, the owner of Beer Mania sourced the best selection of Belgian beers and arranged a pallet shipping by air. If one is familiar with standard beer transportation, one would be able to guess how passionate these people are about beers. HIGHBURY found the right partner with whom they can share their common beer philosophy.