Transition to 100% Renewable Energy at the New Yokohama City Hall Building

The City of Yokohama drew up the "Yokohama City Strategy on the Use of Renewable Energy" in May 2020 in order to outline in detail its vision for a "Zero Carbon Yokohama" in 2050. Amidst these circumstances, the City intends to halve energy consumption in the city and replace energy sources with renewable energy to achieve its goals for a "Zero Carbon Yokohama." Through an IUC project funded by the EU, Yokohama has utilized insight gained from the City of Frankfurt am Main to develop a model which is one of the major accomplishments of the IUC project.
To this end, Yokohama City Hall has led by example in proposing that all energy consumption within City-owned facilities be replaced with renewable energy by 2050, with government offices and ward offices fully converting to renewable energy as part of the first step toward achieving this goal.
In FY2020, the new Yokohama City Hall building exhibits the highest level of energy saving performance, and promotes the local production and consumption of renewable energy through the total use of renewable energy by relying on renewable energy produced by incineration plants in Yokohama, and energy generated by solar panels on homes in Yokohama following the end of the national government's Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme.

Published: October 2020