Vulcanus in Europe – get a Japanese perspective on your R&D activities

In summer 2023, 30 Japanese (post)graduate students of science, technology or engineering will be coming to Europe for a 6 to 7-month internship. By hosting a Vulcanus intern, you would benefit from your student's technical studies, strengthen your team's workforce, and get Japanese input on your R&D activities .
Moreover, your Vulcanus intern can help your company develop its business with Japan. Given the broad range of studies offered, Vulcanus is open to all sectors of industry and to companies of all sizes. We would especially welcome applications from Central and Eastern Europe.

Tempted to host one or more Vulcanus interns?
You would get to choose your student(s). To help you in your decision, the EU-Japan Centre will propose a short-list tailored to your company, based on the students' field of studies, academic scores, personal background, and recommendations from their tutors. Before they join you, to help them fit in to your workforce, the students will have followed an intensive language course in your company's working language.

Please see the Vulcanus in Europe page for more information or email us.

Period of internship: Mid-August 2023 – Mid-March 2024 - 7 months
(France and Germany: Mid-September 2023 – Mid-March 2024 - 6 months)
Deadline to apply: 23 September 2022

Published: June 2022