Vulcanus in Japan 2021-2022

Japanese borders have been tightly closed due to the coronavirus pandemic for almost two years. Even under difficult circumstances, 21 participants with big dreams of going to Japan courageously joined the Vulcanus in Japan for 2021-2022, and the programme started in September 2021 online.
From September, all the participants remotely joined the four-month intensive Japanese language course. Despite the time difference, the participants diligently studied every day from very early in the morning, and their Japanese improved very quickly. Their progress was truly remarkable and impressed the audience at the online final presentation on 9 December. 11 participants started their remote internships with their host companies in Japan. The rest of the participants continue learning Japanese and are going to conduct research on the Japanese market for European companies. All the participants are ready to go to Japan as soon as the border reopens.

Published: March 2022