WCM Online Training Course Successfully Completed in November

The third online World Class Manufacturing training course was held on 15-19 November 2021.

WCM November 2021 - Speaker1

The programme is moderated by Prof. Richard Keegan, with facilitation expertise support from David Fitzpatrick, DJ Duarte and Sensei Akinori Hyodo. A total of 24 participants from 12 EU Member States had the opportunity to learn the Japanese manufacturing methodologies and the principles and practices for implementing such methods. The importance of corporate culture that sustains the implementation of the methods was also featured. During this 5-day online training, participants learned how to identify the real cause of their current challenges and improve the situation by themselves. The virtual visits to 4 Japanese companies were organised to show the participants how the methods are adopted at the real “Gemba” the Japanese manufacturing sites. On the last day of the mission, participants gave a presentation (in groups of 5) about their learnings and how they will address their individual challenges in the future.

WCM November 2021 - Speaker2