World Class Manufacturing 49th edition: a testimonial

By Miguel Teixeira, Digital Business Lead- Powertrain Industry, Renault Group, Portugal / Participant to WCM (online training) March 2022

“I am so grateful for this opportunity! My company and I will certainly learn from the lean takeaways and all the wonderful insights shared during the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) online training.
This initiative gave me a better understanding of my role and responsibilities indoors. Key principles, such as - lead by example, learn by doing and get the basics done. Promote inhouse skills with simple and cheap solutions. Promote and achieve continuous improvement and an innovation-based friendly environment. Implement Gemba visits and face to face discussions. Finally, raise awareness, ensure respect for all, as well as encourage a blame-free attitude.
I would also like to highlight the focus on people and core values; including respect, humility, solidarity and awareness in business. Company culture is “us” and starts with “us”. Therefore, we need to promote thinking and collective discussions where everybody has a voice.  This is our strongest asset and capital.
Thanks to online interactions, the WCM online training helped reduce the distance between people. In this case, Japanese companies and European participants embodied team spirit and contagious desire for deep commitment throughout this 5-day programme.
I am positive that soon enough we will all have the possibility to ensure presential Gemba visits to our respective plants.
I strongly recommend this WCM training to individuals willing to increase their personal and company values, as this may contribute to a positive impact in terms of how we redefine our role within the company and society overall.”

Miguel Teixeira


Published: June 2022