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March 11


EU-Japan Partnering Support Mission in the Space Sector

The EU-Japan Centre for the Industrial Cooperation launched its first Partnering Support Mission in the Space Sector, which has been planned as a Business-to-Business event with the objective of boosting industrial relations for EU and Japanese space and downstream industries.

European and Japanese companies targeted for this mission are involved in developing technologies/know-how in at least one of the 4 following market segments: Space-based components and systems (launch, ground and space segments); Satellite Communications (SatCom) value-added services; Earth Observation (SatEO) raw data, processing techniques and applications; and Satellite Navigation (SatNav) downstream applications.

The mission has been a unique opportunity to engage in B2B partnership discussions between European and Japanese stakeholders involved in this challenging market sector. The mission also offered insights into the Japanese space industry, a networking seminar with direct contact to the Japanese industry, B2B sessions, round tables with space market experts, stakeholders and Japanese space governmental officers. The event, which has been a launch-pad for partnership discussions, has been driven by a mix of approaches for sharing information, coupled with a strong commitment to develop interactive sessions.



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