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We place top interns at companies all around the world from multinational firms to exciting startup companies. There is no charge to host an intern and our interns are carefully selected by our admission team through a comprehensive application process and are required to possess insurance prior to joining our program. Our admission team pays extra attention to previous internship experiences, grades, diversity and ability to adapt to a new international environment as well as extra-curricular activities. The interns are available for one or two months and you are able to select the candidates you believe is the right fit for your organization. Details

Internship in Japan - your first step to a global career, program run and administered by ICC Consultants

Internship Japan, organization whose mission is to establish and support the system of internships in Japan

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EU-Japan Centre News

April 2019 - September 2019 slot The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation proposes a 6 month...
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Delegation of European Union to Japan
Overview: International region-to-region cooperation is an effective means for bringing dynamism to regional economy by internationalizing activities of local entities, including small and medium-...
½-DAY "ABOUT JAPAN" CROSS-CULTURAL WORKSHOP SERIES IN THE EUIn cooperation with local members of the Enterprise Europe Network, the EU-Japan Centre organises cross-cultural workshops in the EU to...


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Report: Financing Sources for EU SMEs in Japan To get the access to this report, please ...
September 2018 Japanese Industry and Policy News Topics covered in the September issue:LEGISLATION...
Report: Autonomous Driving System Developments in Japan To get the access to this report, please ...