PIMAP+, the European Strategic Cluster Partnership dedicated to SMEs internationalisation in Japan has been launched

Gathering six European clusters, ALPHA-RLH (coordinator, France), Produtech (Portugal), AFIL (Italy), Moravian Aerospace Cluster (Czech Republic), Triple Steelix (Sweden) and Business Joensuu (Finland), the European project PIMAP+ aims to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation in the fields of photonics, advanced manufacturing, metalworking and aerospace industry.
The project focus on accelerating access to international markets for European SMEs in four markets: the US, Canada, China and Japan.
The six clusters have had solid relations with Japanese counterparts for years and intend to strengthen them through this initiative. PIMAP+ partners are also very active to engage with additional international partners in order to support SMEs internationalisation.
In this perspective, ALPHA-RLH and Moravian Aerospace Cluster have met with Nagasaki Aero Industry Cluster during the Online Manufacturing World Japan exhibition on 3rd February 2021.
This first meeting lay the foundation for future collaboration activities and concrete business opportunities.
Considering this first good experience, PIMAP+ partners plan to organise a local delegation of European SMEs to attend the next edition of Manufacturing World Japan in 2022.
In addition, the clusters will offer the opportunities to perform B2B and matchmaking activities, visit of companies, meetings with the local ecosystem, key stakeholders and research institutions.
Look also details of this EC-funded project on the Cluster Collaboration Platform:

Published: March 2021