EU-Japan Medtech Collaboration

Magia2Market is aiming to foster EU-Japan collaborations in the Medtech field

Magia2Market, the European Strategic Cluster Partnership dedicated to Medtech internationalisation has been launched.
MAGIA2Market follows the first phase of the MAGIA project which ended on December 31, 2019. The second phase, MAGIA2MArket brings together again the four European leading MedTech clusters: bioPmed (coordinator, Piedmont), BioWin (Wallonia), Life Science Nord (Northern Germany) and Lyonbiopole (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) joining forces to continue the successful European Strategic Cluster Partnership on MedTech. The four European clusters have had solid relations with Japanese counterparts for years and intend to strengthen them through this initiative.
The MedTech sector is highly innovative and ever-evolving. Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, developing strategic technological, industrial, and commercial partnerships as well as getting into investors' and experts' networks at international level remains crucial for actors in MedTech. It allows them to be at the forefront of innovation and to generate maximum benefit for patients in Europe and around the world. However, it is an extremely competitive sector for SMEs and entry points in the leading countries are difficult to create.
MAGIA2Market will provide SMEs the opportunity to meet with potential partners, laying the groundwork for potential cooperation, both in terms of business agreements but also co-development or research collaboration.
The four project partners will focus their effort on Japan. The aim is to establish strategic partnerships with organisations of the Japanese MedTech innovation ecosystem to provide efficient and long-term gateways for SMEs to penetrate this target markets successfully.

Published: November 2020