Italian graduates and young entrepreneurs are the protagonists of JIYO project

Mondo Internazionale is an Italian Cultural Association that since 2017 has supported young talents in fostering their social impact and professional development nationally and internationally. With more than 150 associates globally, Mondo Internazionale invests in innovative social development and sustainable cross-cultural cooperation, while carrying out research in several fields and developing projects such as the one of Japan Italy Youth Opportunities.

JIYO, developed by the Business Development & Innovation Section of the Hub Division, aims at fostering the relationships between young Italian graduates and entrepreneurs and their Japanese counterparts, involving Universities, Institutions and companies in both countries. The goal of the project is to allow young talents to play a key role in supporting the long-term bilateral relations between Japan and Italy, whilst contributing to strengthening the economic and cultural synergies between the two countries.
JIYO is structured in three parts:  
Webinar and Workshops: meetings on innovative commercial, economic and cultural synergies between Italy and Japan with a specific focus on the 3F (Food, Fashion and Furniture).
JIYO was pleased to host at the latest of these events the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, who explored and analysed the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Inaugural Field Trip: 12-days itinerary in Japan for graduates and young entrepreneurs. The field trip aims at fostering collaborations among Universities, Institutions, local and multinational enterprises, creating an international network of young professionals and students. Participants will take an active part in B2B meetings, institutional events, universities’ campus visits, whilst embracing a full immersion in the Japanese business culture.
Annual Events: rotating set of innovative activities held annually aimed at promoting and developing the relations between Italy and Japan. Mondo Internazionale desires to support the Institutions of the two Countries, thus contributing to the cross-cultural exchange between the young participants and enhancing their personal and professional growth.
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Published: March 2021