New cooperation between Higashiosaka City in Japan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf always had strong bonds with Japan, it hosts one of the most important communities of Japanese expatriates in Europe and over 600 Japan-affiliated companies are located in the region since the mid of the ‘50ies. Higashiosaka is a Japanese city well known for its “monozukuri” (“creation of things”) culture - a Japanese concept designating the art of designing and producing technical objects with skill and passion. Taking advantage of the forthcoming 2025 World Expo to be held in Osaka, the local development agency launched the Higashiosaka Industry Promotion Program with the scope of promoting the best of local manufactures worldwide. The agency set up a website “Tech Plaza Higashiosaka” featuring various companies specialized in monozukuri manufacturing and spanning multiple sectors: customized metal goods, environmental devices, lighting fixtures, electronic parts and so on...

In its internationalization process, Higashiosaka approached the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Düsseldorf - IHK Düsseldorf, seeing this organization as a possible partner for the promotion of their website. After sharing information about the project, both organizations saw a potential field for cooperation that would enable them to support companies in their respective regions. The process also involved AHK Japan, the representative office in Japan of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad organization, which is usually the first contact for German companies looking for partners in Japan. Once all aspects were defined, IHK Düsseldorf released on its website a dedicated page promoting the “Tech Plaza Higashiosaka” project, where German companies looking for Japanese manufacturers can now identify relevant partners within the listed Higashiosaka’s companies. Interested companies can also receive tailored consulting services, whenever required, to find appropriate partners matching their needs. IHK Düsseldorf, AHK Japan and Higashiosaka are now looking forward to follow-up received inquiries and to help companies build business relations between Dusseldorf and Higashiosaka.

Source: Higashiosaka City


Published: October 2023