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Call for applicants WCM mission in Japan – March 2024

Immerse yourself in insightful workshops and Japanese factory visits to witness first-hand many world-class innovations!
Are you a manufacturing industry enthusiast seeking global exposure and cutting-edge insights? Look no further! The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is launching its next World Class Manufacturing (WCM) mission in Japan. This extraordinary opportunity aims to connect industry leaders, such as yourself, with like-minded professionals to share expertise and explore possibilities for a LEAN prosperous future.

Taking place on 11-14 March 2024, the 53rd edition of the Centre’s World Class Manufacturing mission will provide an exclusive platform for participants to delve into Japan's renowned manufacturing excellence. Gain invaluable knowledge on topics ranging from lean manufacturing principles and automation technologies to quality control and process optimization. By participating in the WCM Mission, you will be exposed to engaging discussions and unique networking opportunities with Japanese industry pioneers and experts.

Deadline for applications: 12 October 2023.
Places are limited, please visit our website for more information.

WCM mission – About the March 2023 session

The 51st Challenge toward World Class Manufacturing (WCM) mission was organised by the EU-Japan Centre on 13-17 March 2023. 15 participants, working in various sectors from 11 Member States, took part in this course.
The objective of this course was to offer an insight into the Japanese way of developing and implementing WCM methods in a very practical way. During this 5-day training, participants learned how to identify the real cause of their current challenges and improve the situation by themselves. A visit to 4 Japanese companies operating in the automotive sector was organized to show the participants how the methods are adopted at the real Gemba - the Japanese manufacturing sites.

Participants’ comments and testimonials

“Seeing wide use of visual and auditory signals on my journey through Japan, I thought that was important. I now see that improvements come from passion, challenges, creative thinking and determination – doesn’t matter where you are. Thank you all for an exceptional week in Japan. So many learnings, and in an incredible country. Looking forward to re-visiting Japan again in the future.”
By Anthony Collins, CEO, Topflight Travel Group

“The training was very interesting. Throughout the week, I learned the lean principles. First. To keep it simple and above all do it immediately. Second. Everything can be improved, so look, see, communicate, do, check… again and again. Third and maybe the most important. Be persistent in your efforts, in order to be trusted and to lead others.”
By Ventsislav Petkov Drandev, CEO, V. I. P.  Ltd.

“Practical DOJO exercise was very useful and helped me understand how to apply standard work and Kaizen in practice. Great teamwork too. I learned about the differences in Work In Process buffers and tact and cycle times.” 
By Deividas Akelis, Lean Manager, PakMarkas

“During the training, I was able to observe really simple solutions for practical problems, like making use of gravity and using the simple concept of strings (potential energy).”
By Ferdinand Karlas, Head of Product, Tata Steel Netherlands

WCM participants in front of bus

Published: October 2023