The EU-Japan Automotive Industry in the Face of Environmental and Technological Disruption
The report's objective is to map out all types of cooperation between European and Japanese players in the automotive industry.
Circularizing the Japanese Fashion & Textile economy (Minerva Fellowship)
Report : Circularizing the Japanese Fashion & Textile economy; current situation, future pro
Minerva video
Everything you want to know about our 'Minerva' programme !
Minerva video
Everything you want to know about our 'Minerva' programme !
Digital Transformation in Japan-Assessing opportunities for EU SMEs (Minerva Fellowship)
This report takes a look at digital transformation (DX) that has been a key and a growing topic over the past years, where Japan is no exception.
Local Decarbonisation in Japan: Municipalities, Regions and Clusters on the Road to Carbon Neutrality
This report takes a look at Japan’s decarbonisation strategies, with a focus on the local and regional levels. At the core of the report are a few main research questions. First, what role do Japanese municipalities and regions play in the transition to a decarbonised society? How do cities understand this role, and what programs have been implemented in service of a commitment to a greener future? What opportunities exist for a diversity of actors—residents, governments, businesses—to collaborate on decarbonisation?
Japan's Circularity (Minerva fellowship)
This report, on the basis of over 40 interviews with stakeholders from the Japanese and EU private and public sectors, alongside desk-based research, presents a snapshot of Japan’s circularity. It gives an overview of Japan’s current awareness of circularity and its circular economy policy framework, which centres around the concept of a Sound Material-Cycle Society, its Circular Economy Vision 2020, alongside a table of key circularity indicators comparing the EU and Japan.
Analysis of EU-Japan business cooperation in third countries (Minerva fellowship)
By Masami Marbot in the framework of the Minerva EU-Japan Market and Policy Intelligence Programme .
Opportunities in Industrial and R&D cooperation potential for European SMEs in Japan in NewSpace (MINERVA Fellowship)
By Helen Tung in the framework of the Minerva Fellowship Programme.
The Country-of-Origin Effect in Japan (MINERVA Fellowship)
By Paul Van der Plas in the framework of the Minerva Fellowship Programme.

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17-21 June 2024, → mandatory week online (open to SMEs and large companies) 08-12 July 2024, → optional week in Japan (open only to SMEs who have completed the first online week) PROGRAMME…
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  The organization of the Vulcanus Programme is pending reception of a grant by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation for the Japanese fiscal year 2024-2025: Please note that this call is…
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