In Japan, only certified tax and accounting experts are allowed to provide legal tax advice. To support you with more complex legal questions concerning your tax matters in Japan,  JTPP Helpdesk has established links with a network of taxation and accounting experts.

JTPP Helpdesk works among others with members of the TKC National Federation, a federation of almost 10.000 licensed tax accountants, primarily providing services to SMEs.  Among these, there are a substantial number of tax accountants that work with internationally active enterprises.  With their long experience in supporting SMEs, they are well suited to meet the needs of SMEs, both in service and in terms of costs, in comparison with larger multinational accountancy firms. 

Please be advised of the following:

  • very complex tax and legal questions, requiring substantial hours of expertise, fall outside of the scope of the free support services provided by the Helpdesk,
  • JTPP Helpdesk's free services are only available to EU-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or non-EU countries participating in the COSME programme.



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