March 18


The EU and Japan : A New Way Forward Industrial Transition Towards Green and Digital Economy

The EU and Japan – A New way Forward

Industrial transition towards green and digital economy

EU Industry Days is Europe’s flagship annual event on industry. It serves as the main platform to discuss industrial challenges and co-develop opportunities and policy responses in an inclusive dialogue with a wide range of partners, also at international level.

Japan and the EU have concluded an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), which entered into force in February 2019. Together with a more general Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA), provisionally applied since the same date, and the Partnership on Sustainable Connectivity and Quality Infrastructure signed in September 2019, it has become the cornerstone of an enhanced relationship between the EU and Japan.

The EU and Japan have yet more to gain by working together to grow their economic relationship, and by aligning their mutual interests to find a new way forward in the face of disruptions and challenges across economic and geopolitical spectrum.

The event will be a platform to discuss industrial challenges and co-develop opportunities notably towards three types of cooperation (i) Regulatory cooperation and new standards, (ii) technological cooperation and industrial innovation, and (iii) EU-Japan Business cooperation in third markets, notably in Asia and Africa.



Welcome remarks (17:00 Tokyo / 9:00 Brussels)


EU and Japan Public Authorities (17:10 Tokyo / 9:10 Brussels)


Industrial transition towards green economy (17:30 Tokyo / 9:30 Brussels)


Industrial transition towards digital economy (18:25 Tokyo / 10:25 Brussels)

Closing remarks (19:20 Tokyo / 11:20 Brussels)

[1] Via video recorded message

[2] Video recording scheduled


EU-Japan Centre News

Get an overview of everything the EU-Japan Centre is doing in April 2021! (subject to changes)...
Get an overview of everything the EU-Japan Centre is doing in March 2021! (subject to changes)...


Import trade concessions are contained in the EPA for EU exporters of leather and footwear products to Japan. As a result, these EU products have since the entry into force of the Agreement an important competitive advantage on the Japanese markets.
The webinar is targeted to EU companies seeking information about the way the Smart Mobility Market in Japan is changing, so that they can prepare themselves for the new possibilities in the future.


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