Business Mission: EU-Japan Green Business Cooperation with Vietnam

November 27 2022 -> November 30 2022

Are you an EU green tech company or industrial cluster already working with Japanese partners and looking to expand your business in Vietnam with your Japanese partners?

Are you an EU green tech company interested in the Vietnamese market and looking to collaborate with Japanese and Vietnamese companies in this market?


The application period is closed.

List of EU SMEs selected for the business mission (award date on 3 October 2022):

- AKROCEAN SAS (France) -

- Brite Hellas S.A. (Greece) -

- Oleifici Masturzo Snc (Italy) -


Description of the mission


The business mission included participation in the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 28-30 November 2022 (arrival in Vietnam on 27 November). Selected EU companies physically took part in this event.

Selected EU participants were promoted as co-exhibitors of the EU-Japan Centre's booth, where posters, flyers and samples were displayed in an individual exhibition space for each company.

Before the event, the EU-Japan Centre also promoted the EU participants during an online pitching event. The recording of the pitching event is available here.



This mission aimed at facilitating the connection between the EU participants with Japanese companies for joint projects in Vietnam and with Vietnamese partners.

The goals were to:

1. help EU participants expand their existing business with Japanese partners to Vietnam,

2. connect EU participants with potential Japanese partners in Vietnam,

3. boost EU participants' visibility in Japan and Vietnam,

4. learn about business opportunities in the Vietnamese green economy.



EU participants with existing Japanese partners would have the possibility to find potential leads in Vietnam to expand their business in this market.

EU participants that do not have Japanese partners yet would have the opportunity to meet with Japanese companies which are well established in Vietnam and can be good business partners in this region.

Japanese companies based in Vietnam would have the possibility to meet with innovative EU green tech companies and access the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition which will provide useful information on opportunities in the Vietnamese green economy.

The event was the first edition of the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition which aimed at supporting Vietnam in achieving its COP26 commitments and the socio-economic development goals specified in its National Green Growth Strategy for 2021-2030.

The 3-day event attracted 5,000+ visitors and 300+ exhibitors representing more than 20 green business sector.


Outline of the business mission

27-30 November 2022

Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE)

Onsite at THISO SkyHall, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (remote attendance also possible)

Official website of the Green Economy Forum and Exhibition available here.

- 27 Nov.: Arrival in Vietnam ; 28-30 Nov.: Participation in GEFE

- Green tech exhibition - showcase your company in a shared booth

- Matchmaking - take part in B2B meetings

- Networking - make the most out of this event to grow your network and meet new leads


Target companies

- European green tech* companies or industrial clusters already active in Japan and/or already working with Japanese partners, and looking to expand their business in Vietnam with their Japanese partners.

- European green tech* companies or industrial clusters interested in the Vietnamese market and looking for Japanese and Vietnamese business partners.

- Non-EU companies from countries participating in the COSME programme are also eligible for this business mission: Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

* E.g. renewable energy, water treatment, waste management, sustainable buildings, green tourism, sustainable agriculture, etc.



The number of spots was limited for this event and applications went through a selection process.

Main criteria for selection:

1. the innovative aspects of the product/service/technology developed by the company and their market potential in Vietnam

2. previous experience with Japan or Vietnam/ASEAN

3. strategy toward Japan and Vietnam/ASEAN

4. relevance of the company's technology for the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition

Selected EU participants would need to check the entry measures to Vietnam depending on their country of origin.


How can Japanese and Vietnamese companies be involved?

Japanese and Vietnamese companies could visit our booth at the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, to meet EU green tech companies interested in the Vietnamese market.

You will be interested if you are:
- A Japanese company looking to be involved in green projects in Vietnam and looking for new innovative solutions from Europe.
- A Vietnamese company or organisation interested in learning more about European green tech companies.

The EU-Japan Centre provided visitor tickets to Japanese companies interested in meeting our EU participants during the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition.


Who pays what?

The EU-Japan Centre covered the costs specific to the participation in the Green Economy Forum & Exhibition for eligible EU SMEs and Clusters who have been selected by the EU-Japan Centre for this business mission.

Large companies could participate but would need to cover the costs of the fraction of the booth that they would occupy during GEFE in addition to their travel costs, accommodation, etc. 

A grant of 480 EUR per company was provided to the selected EU SMEs and clusters upon completion of the physical business mission at GEFE in Vietnam without any day of absence. EU participants taking part in GEFE remotely would not be eligible for this grant.

To be covered by all participants taking part in the physical business mission at GEFE:

- Flight to/from Ho Chi Minh City

- Accommodation and meals

- Transportation to/from GEFE

- Visa process for your stay in Vietnam

- Medical/Travel insurance (insurance covering COVID-19 treatment with a minimum liability of US$10,000 is required by the government of Vietnam)

- Refundable deposit of 1,000 EUR (to be refunded upon receiving answers to our event questionnaire after the end of the business mission)


This event is organised by the EU-Japan Business Cooperation with ASEAN, Africa and Latin America Helpdesk (EJ3A Helpdesk).



Download the brochure here.


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