“I applied for Vulcanus in Japan with the mindset that the program would, for sure substantially, improve my professional skills and stimulate my personal growth. And so it happened. The programme offers you the opportunity to work for a top Japanese company, but only after having taken some time to study the Japanese language and get an idea of the culture, structure that I particularly like and find very benefic. Thanks to this “great adventure” I found people that inspired me, I got to know such an interesting country as Japan, where I have to be open and narrow minded at the same time. I found friends and made unforgettable memories. The internship at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is by far such a big step in my professional career. The fact that I have access to the know-how of my coworkers is already a considerable achievement and to get to know the structure and reasoning of a Japanese company is a huge chance and I am very confident that it will define my professional profile. I am more than grateful for this experience, which without a doubt has been life changing. I am learning so much each day, that I can only be thankful towards all the ones that I have met during my “Vulcanus experience”.

Ms Madalina IOVANICA (RO) – Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation – VinJ 2016/2017

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