Technology Transfer Webinar 2

March 15 2016

Matching the EU – Japan Space Technological Needs

The EU-Japan Centre launches the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk, a new service aimed at supporting EU and Japanese companies and individuals in their steps to search for and acquire technologies, as well as bridging the knowledge gap about current available technologies from both Japan and the EU.

Within this frame a series of webinars covering various technology transfer topics will be held.

What can ESA IPRs portfolio offer to foster the EU – Japan industrial cooperation in the Space Sector?

Why this knowledge is useful to have in order to work with/in Japan?

The European companies are welcome to be licensees, at favourable conditions, of the ESA’s IPRs. This allows them to be the best technology providers for the purposes of EU – Japan Industrial Cooperation. The protected IPRs boost the strategical role of the Europeans to work with the Japanese partners; however, the European know-how shall be a valuable asset for making worthy the EU – Japan relations in the field of Space and space related fields.

The webinar was targeted at EU companies seeking to pursue their affairs in Japan. European Companies can benefit of ESA’s IPRS to fulfil the present technological gaps accomplishing the Japanese Space needs.

Topics learned during this webinar :

  • ESA IPRs Portfolio
  • ESA IPRs Licensing policy
  • ESA IPRs Opportunities fulfilling the Japanese technological gaps 


  • Introduction: ESA IPRs
  • ESA IPRs Portfolio
  • ESA IPRs Licensing Policy
  • ESA IPRs Opportunities for the Japanese market
  • Q&A Session
  • Conclusion 

Speaker: Veronica La Regina is a Technology Transfer Officer at ESA – Technology Transfer Programme Office, based at the European Space Technology Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands.  Organiser: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation - Brussels Office. Moderator: Luca Escoffier is a Project Manager of the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk.

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