'About Japan' webinar series 199: Pet Products market in Japan

November 08 2022

08-11-22 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CET


What business opportunities are there for EU SMEs in the Japanese pet products market? How can I enter and grow my pet business in Japan?

Japan’s pet industry is one of the largest in the world, worth over JPY1.65 trillion (Euro1.2 billion) at retail value. Unlike many product categories in Japan, pet products are unusual since foreign manufacturers, especially in pet food, have the largest market shares rather than domestic Japanese companies. This webinar focuses on pet care, supply and accessories for cats and dogs. These segments were worth combined JPY126.9 billion (Euro943 million) in 2020 and are forecast to grow further.

Many Japanese pet owners and the trade believe that Western pet culture is more developed than Japan and there are several well established foreign brands for whom Japan is one of their largest and most profitable global markets.

Learn in this webinar how your business could prosper in Japan’s pet market!

The webinar targets EU pet products and pet supply manufacturers, brand owners as well as pet accessory retailers and wholesalers. There are also opportunities in Japan for pet publishers and innovative ecommerce pet businesses.



Please keep in mind that this webinar is only accessible to EU companies which are registered to the EU Business in Japan website:

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