Japanese Industry and Policy News June 2018 Issue Available Now

The EU-Japan Centre in Tokyo is regularly publishing "Industry and Policy News" from various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including newly released policy documents, surveys, and official statements, in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation and is pleased to announce the June 2018 issue.

Topics covered in the June issue:

・Future Approach for Developing Small Satellites and Small Rockets Indicated
・METI Launches New Initiative, "J-Startup" Program
・A Guide to Licensing Negotiations Involving Standard Essential Patents Released
・METI Formulates "Contract Guidance on Utilization of AI and Data"
・Expert Study Group on Ideal Approaches to CCS Demonstration and Research Projects Established
・JPO Strengthens Cooperation with USPTO on Industrial Designs

・METI Releases a Study Report on Ideal Approaches to University-Oriented Venture Businesses
・Second Edition of the White Paper on Open Innovation Compiled
・Enforcement Status of the Home Appliances Recycling Law Announced
・Results of the 2017 Survey on Selected Service Industries Compiled
・Environment-related Industry Continues to Grow
・Increase of Wind Power Generation Continues
・Share of New Entrants in Household Power Supply Surpassed 10%
・Summer Bonuses Expected to Have Reached the Highest Level

・Italian Virtual Sunlight for the Basement
・Franco-Japanese Collaboration in Power Digital Solution
・Sewage Equipment Developed in Tokyo Goes to Europe
・Toppan Printing Develops Electronic Paper Display Working Without Battery
・FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards Recognize Nissan for Vehicle-to-Grid System and Second-life Batteries
・Toshiba's Hydrogen Energy Business wins the Jules Verne Award

・Ministry of the Environment Goes Ahead to 100% Renewables
・METI and Thai Government Sign the Memorandum of Cooperation on Smart Industrial Safety
・Tokyo 2020 Announces Sustainability Plan and Guiding Principle

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